Charity Fundraisers

We at GFWC Tampa Bay are passionate about serving our local and the greater community. A large percentage of our efforts are directed towards a variety of initiatives that aim to assist and support the wellbeing of others. It is our goal to continue to expand our outreach toward as many different initiatives as possible as a means to celebrate the diversity of humanity and beyond.

Bingo Night 2021:

B-5, I-15, G- 20...Our members hosted a great fundraiser on a warm July evening. Over 100 residents came out to yell BINGO, win prizes, and support our charities.

Our first Annual Ladies Holiday High Tea: 

All of our members were involved in this amazing event. Even the husbands participated as waiters for our guests. Tea, sandwiches, and a ballet performance served up for a beautiful day. All proceeds supported 'Bridging Freedom'

for Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness.